The Dermatologist Who Gives Out Free Advice in Her Pajamas

All 38,000 of Dr. Shereene Idriss’s fans know to tune in weekly to #pillowtalkderm, a Sunday-night series where Idriss lays in bed answering reader questions on everything from Botox to lasers. When Idriss is not doling out free advice, she’s seeing patients as one of the dermatologists at Union Square Laser Dermatology. An expert in facial rejuvenation, Idriss prefers a light, natural touch for her clients, and has developed a following for her minimally invasive approach to cosmetic dermatology.

After graduating from George Washington University, where she completed a seven-year combined undergraduate and medical degree, Idriss went on to Harvard University for a research fellowship. She finished up her training at Tufts Medical Center before relocating to New York. The Cut caught up with her in between patients to talk about her love of monochromatic outfits, her favorite ballet flats, and how she balances motherhood with her busy career.


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