So You’re Done With Your Lip Fillers—What Now?

Lip fillers aren’t forever. Most injections are temporary and disappear on their own within a year. However, you don’t have to wait that long to get rid of them if you’re unhappy with the end result or simply miss the shape of your natural lips. With the help of a trained dermatologist, you can safely dissolve temporary lip fillers in a matter of days.

If you have hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers (such as popular fillers like Juvaderm and Volbella), there is an easy way to get rid of their effects. “If you have hyaluronic acid injected in your lips, then you are in luck because it has an antidote called hyaluronidase that acts like an eraser,” Dr. Shereene Idriss, a New York City-based and board-certified dermatologist, says.


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