‘Medical influencers’ are the new social media stars, and these are the 7 to follow now

“Should I be taking oral tranexamic acid to treat melasma?” “Is dermaplaning advisable while on a topical retinoid?” “How does an upper eyelid lift look like?” “Why do diseases end in ‘-its’?” These are some of the more specific (and random) questions one would ask in a dermatologist’s office rather than on Google. But in a global pandemic, both patients and doctors were isolated in their homes, with little to no contact with each other to ask or answer any of these issues. 

What did some of these medical professionals do? They went online, hard, swiftly adapting and taking over Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram with Q&A-style videos that—while incomparable to an in-clinic visit—managed to address some of these questions with bullet-point diagnosis, topical treatment suggestions and seconds of valuable advice that one wouldn’t ordinarily have access to anywhere but seated in a doctor’s chair. These concise clips eventually led to a category of new, highly educational social media stars: The medical influencers. Trustworthy, board-certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons and wellness doctors with years of experience and countless case studies to boot. 


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