Under-Eye Filler vs. PRP Injections for Dark Circles: Which Is Right for You?

Under-eye filler has earned a curious reputation for being both a top shot in injectors’ offices and, we’re told, the most problematic of procedures. In recent months, several practitioners have taken to social media, cautioning against using certain fillers in the delicate tear trough area and highlighting how smart placement, technique, and patient selection can […]

1 2 Lip Injections Guide: How Much They Cost, How Long They Last, and More

Juvéderm, Volbella, and Restylane Silk are much thinner, so they are used more superficially and can make the lip look a little bit puffier. For her older patients, Dr. Idriss prefers to use Restylane to reshape and redefine the border or “scaffolding” of the lips that fades over time. And in younger patients with thinner lips, she likes to use Juvéderm Volbella for volume and oomph.

1 2 After Years of Hating My Lips, I Finally Tried Filler—Here’s How It Went

“You were the most beautiful baby,” my mother once said to me. “But I was worried that your lips were going to be too thin.” Though it must be stated for the record that she now vehemently denies ever having made this declaration, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Even before Zoom enabled us to become freakishly […]

1 2 Why You Should Still Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Even If You Have (or Plan to Get) Dermal Fillers

After headlines linking COVID-19 vaccines to filler swelling shook the beauty world, dermatologists and plastic surgeons flooded social media with a resounding message: The risk is rare; get vaccinated.

1 2 Drive-Thru Botox? How Some Aesthetic Treatments Are Taking Place Outside the Office Post-COVID-19 Lockdown

It’s become a ubiquitous site during the coronavirus pandemic — the processions of vehicles stretched bumper-to-bumper; the PPE-clad figures, veritable carhops with clipboards, tending to their passengers. Three months in, we now recognize it instantly: drive-thru COVID-19 testing in progress. If you live in Miami, however, there could be another reason for that packed parking […]

1 2 8 Top Doctors Explain How To Prolong Botox & Filler At Home

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume I’m not getting injectables any time soon. The taut skin that graces my forehead after a Botox injection is beginning to feel like a distant memory. I find myself singing “The Way We Were” wistfully while examining my face. “Can it be that it […]

1 2 2020 Filler Innovations

“I think that facial anatomy is so complicated when it comes to structure. There is no miracle product, like in skin care. I don’t think it would be good to have a filler that could address all of your problems, because when you think of the face, you want everything to work a little differently. You want it to be sturdier around the jawline to hold the face up, or along your cheekbones. You want it to be malleable along the cheeks or where you smile, so your face can move. It doesn’t make sense to have a miracle filler, in my mind.”

1 2 The Innovative New Ways Surgeons Are Using Injectables to Sculpt the Face

Every artist has their medium. Caravaggio found light in oil on canvas. Dürer celebrated details in watercolors. Bourgeois brought humanity to marble and bronze. Alexiades, Idriss, and Subbio sculpt with botulinum toxins and illuminate with hyaluronic acids. They probably won’t make it into Janson’s History of Art, but they’re three of the many dermatologists and […]

1 2 It Happened: I Got Fillers for the First Time and Almost Passed Out

If you were to have told me a few years ago that at 26 I’d be injecting my face with filler, I would’ve first said you were crazy, and then I would’ve pointed out the years I spent watching Dr. 90210 with my mouth wide open and a burning fear in my heart of undergoing […]

1 2 The Botox Wars Have Begun, and Beauty Editors Are in the Crossfire

“People need to be very educated about getting [anti-wrinkle injections] done and should not take it lightly,” said New York dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss. She said that while the Instagram advertisements she has seen for Botox have been educational, such posts can make the treatment seem more simple than it is. “[Influencers who are not doctors] are talking about it almost like it’s a haircut,” she said. “Not everybody is a good candidate.”

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